Questions & Answers

Q, Do we offer a design service?

A:  Yes,is the answer we take your ideas and designs and develop them with our designer into a working drawing, keeping in constant contact with the client throughout the whole process. However if you are using your own Architect/designer we have always found the best possible results are achieved by involving us at the early planning stage.

Q, Do you offer a complete turnkey service?

A:  Yes on the smaller frames, when it comes to house frames, we work as specialist subcontractors to the general contractor, this enables us to concentrate on what we do best cutting and raising top quality oak frames.

Q, How much will my building cost?

A:  Alot of our work is bespoke, yet is still very competitively priced. We are confident we can offer quality Oak frames, coupled with excellent prices, and customer service our competitors would find hard to match. The only way we could genuinely give anyone or anybody an accurate quote/costing for your project we would need you to convey to us as much information as possible, rough sketches, drawings, photographs of what you would like built along with its uses, plus a description of the site, all of that information taken into account would enable us to give you a preliminary costing.

Q, Will I need planning consent?

A:  On a smaller, non-habitable building/frame there's a good chance that you will not. There are numerous reasons for this, here are two. If the building footprint is under 30 sqm and the ridge height is below 4m, you will not need it. However, there may be other factors to consider, and always advise our prospective clients to contact their respective local authority's to see if there is extra criteria set out in their area, to satisfy their planning department.

Q, Do you offer an assembly service?

A: Yes we do and all our frames are pre-assembled prior to leaving us. This ensures a snag free, and easily assembled frame on site, whoever erects it.

Q, How far will you travel?

A: As long as the project is a viable concern for us, we are prepared to travel anywhere in the UK, again if the project warrants it we can frame at your own site.

Q, How long would my building take to design?

A: There are a number of contributing factors that determine the answer, complexity, planning requirements, on average 2 months is a rough indicator followed on by yours or our design team/architect to finalise design, generally another 2 months to be approved upon receipt of building consent, a more through and  in-depth drawing is prepared (this could take another month for this stage) all in all, five to six months, smaller buildings can be less. This list is not exhaustive, if you have any questions or query's that are not listed here please feel free to call and we will try to help.