Welcome to our products page, The Mighty Oak timber framing company can supply you with a diverse range of timber framed buildings, structures & components', traditional or modern in design and construction. We take pride with attention to detail in whatever we are commissioned to do, striving to offer the best possible customer-company relationship at what ever stage we enter into your project.  

The Mighty Oak Timber Framing Company draws on the broad and varied experiences of its team of craftsmen who over many years in the green oak industry have honed there skills and understanding of this fantastic building medium, bringing together under one roof all the necessary individuals to ensure your project fulfills the highest expectations. All of our oak used is of the highest quality using traditional joints through out, the commonest being the mortise & tennon  along with structural bracing and oak pegged joints throughout making this form of vernacular architecture as appealing today as it has been to past generations. 


We provide a wide range of buildings, a lot of which originate from traditional rural buildings, adapted to the modern lifestyle, be it garaging from a single bay, to many bays joined together as one building, open or closed with full height doors (doors can be supplied in either softwood or hardwood) with internal divisions if required, add an open or enclosed cat slide or log store, again open or enclosed the choice is yours!
Your requirements may be similar, yet different perhaps, a garage with attached workshop, or maybe your needs are more equestrian/agricultural a traditional barn or a stabling block/complex. We aim to meet your requirements.
Another increasingly popular outbuilding has been the home office, with the increase of home working continuing to grow the demand for a dedicated, separate work space has become high on the list of individuals/businesses looking to maintain a healthy family-work balance, these buildings blend beautifully into all manner of surroundings and residences, office or studio, games room or gym the options are endless, with offspring tending to staying at home longer and people living longer in general we have seen over the years a lot of interest in additional room for entertaining, occasional accommodation and living space. This dilemma can be corrected by heavy timber framing. a lot of forward thinking people have opted for an additional room above there garaging accessed via an internal/external stair, being a totally separate entity it can be insulated,soundproofed,glazed etc becoming valuable additional space to be used for nearly every conceivable use.  

Habitable buildings

Our habitable buildings range from, garden rooms, House extensions, both historic and modern, through to complete house frames from cottages to crucks, wealdens, small single story dwellings. We work very closely with you, and your architect/designer, following your drawings, aiming to deliver the perfect result. However, we also offer an end to end service, turning your personal idea's and designs into the real thing. We work closely with our associate, Mike Farrell director of Draft 2 Design who is able to provided you with a comprehensive service offering Architectural Design, surveying, and help obtaining planning consent amongst his many disciplines. We then monitor your application and give any supporting advice. We communicate with you though out the entire project,from the initial first call to the raising of your frame. 

Structures & components'

If your embarking on a refurbishment or conversion, we can supply and fit if necessary all manner of oak related items, a wide range of  oak roof trusses from the quite  plain to elaborate, complete roofs,one off structural members and architectural features'.
Outside also we can supply all manner of garden related items.


We deem it necessary to clearly mention that all of our broad leaf hardwood timbers used are sourced from sustainable managed forests, be it in the uk or mainland Europe.(The only exceptions being oak acquired through compulsory felling orders or an act of god.) At present the majority of this timber used is European, due solely to the fact that it has been  managed responsibly in the past ensuring a plentiful sustainable supply today. The UK now is actively engaged in a sustained well managed replanting programme establishing new forests, maintaining existing ones and removing non native species (conifers, etc) to make way for indigenous traditional hardwoods, at present just 12% of the UK is woodland compared to 44% of Europe on average. This revival being championed on the whole by charitable organisations, the biggest being the Woodland Trust being in existence for nearly four decades now. Our hardwoods and softwoods are obtained from reputable companies, who supply us with either PEFC certified timber (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) or FSC certified timber (Forest Stewardship Council) both  operate very similar schemes being in essence a paper chain, from forest to customer being proof the timber has been sourced from managed and legitimate sources engaged in "reforestation not deforestation". we are currently working towards our own accredited status from these two bodies.